Absolutely ascribe, it’s the clincher

She put it up. For the world to see. Now we will dine on her entrails as they spill from her gaping cavity. The wound afflicted by decades of ignorance and of course, modernity.

Most definitely ascribe to these values. That habit will last a life time. Life times run perhaps for 3 month stints? It was supposed to be the time of great advancement. We just forgot that humans were here too. Fuck ’em. They perish anyway. This WILL last forever. This will make the mark. It will be left like the shit stain from my cat after an afternoon tea.

If you ascribe to these values, know you will be saved. From truth, honesty, reality. Never question what is not included. If you do, you’ll go to h-e-l-l. Children’s games. Such a pity, the potential is there. But the ascription takes charge. It’s for good reasons. I promise.

Adhere and know that we all do it. You should too. This is practice made perfect. The formula everyone wanted is ready for purchase. Your life will look like theres. Just follow the steps. I’m sure it’s ” ONLY $XXX.99!”. Payment plans accepted.

But what of those who don’t? Who won’t? They make the rules. They create the game. So beware children, playing in the street of life will get you hurt. You should be looking for the sidewalks. Not the highways.


Invalid in the Attic


Little no editing has occurred on this piece. It’s rough, as is. 🙂


There once was a time when the disadvantaged were kept away in secret. People who had real struggles that weren’t deemed fit for the rest of society. Be they physical abnormalities, mental, or both, they were equally rejected. They were all never discussed in polite society.

Jump to today, the modern age. Technology advancing us faster with each new invention. People of all sorts are readily available to be seen in public. Fantastically. No more families hiding their ’embarrasaments’ in the attic. Yet, even in this time of such ultimate possibility, we still encounter the ‘untouchable’ topics. Issues that cannot be talked about, topics that are to be forgotten about. How is this possible?

Stupidity. The culture of not speaking just got older. They were the products of the generation that hid their failures and embarrassments. Who also came from a generation that had dark attics readily available for such a purpose. Family values. Keep up the norm of appearance, but with nothing like it underneath.

To not follow the expected norm is radical act. One of significant revolution apparently. How dare I point out the failures of the tit-sucking sibling. The ruse so poorly constructed it’s a Claire’s accessory of glamour. The shock and awe at the declaration that apparently would stop nations if it got out. How dare anyone know that she steals from her mothers purse, never mind her daughter is figuring a way through school from those strings. A mole hill. Tunneled clean out inside, hollow as the truths that they tell.

How dare I. I should be locked in the attic. For that is where those who don’t fit in and are an embarrassment should go. They don’t comply to the expectations of polite folks ’round here.

That’s fine. I still have the internet.