Current: Probiotic from food

I freakin’ am in LOVE 💚 with Gut Shot Probiotic.  A probiotic that’s derived from food based cultures, that’s easy to take, nondairy and quickly effective.

I have been drinking the Garlic Dill Pickle flavor and am SO enjoying it, my mouth gets watery just writing this!  It tastes just like a classic dill pickle flavor, without the nasty metal additives.

Gut Shot Dill

Does it work? you ask… For me? Yes!  I am recovering from ‘food born illness’ and have had to take a consistent supply of probiotics daily.  So, I bought some capsules of Jarrow brand and this.  (side note: they both must stay cold, as is generally expected).  I began with the capsules, which I wrote about my experience here.  But the next day, I began the shots.  I’ve now not need the capsules, and can take just this, but not only that, if I need it because I, well, ate too much cereal an hour before bed, just take a shot of this, and my stomach began to ease in discomfort.

I’m a big fan right now, and will definitely be trying the other flavors.


Have you tried this?  What flavor do you enjoy?