Absolutely ascribe, it’s the clincher

She put it up. For the world to see. Now we will dine on her entrails as they spill from her gaping cavity. The wound afflicted by decades of ignorance and of course, modernity.

Most definitely ascribe to these values. That habit will last a life time. Life times run perhaps for 3 month stints? It was supposed to be the time of great advancement. We just forgot that humans were here too. Fuck ’em. They perish anyway. This WILL last forever. This will make the mark. It will be left like the shit stain from my cat after an afternoon tea.

If you ascribe to these values, know you will be saved. From truth, honesty, reality. Never question what is not included. If you do, you’ll go to h-e-l-l. Children’s games. Such a pity, the potential is there. But the ascription takes charge. It’s for good reasons. I promise.

Adhere and know that we all do it. You should too. This is practice made perfect. The formula everyone wanted is ready for purchase. Your life will look like theres. Just follow the steps. I’m sure it’s ” ONLY $XXX.99!”. Payment plans accepted.

But what of those who don’t? Who won’t? They make the rules. They create the game. So beware children, playing in the street of life will get you hurt. You should be looking for the sidewalks. Not the highways.


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