Something smart here

Insert a witty comment about an observation and how you can relate to it, you really can. Or, I can. Fuck, whose blog is this…. Ok, fine.

Thinking (pretending?) I’m someone people ‘want to read’ or hear from.  My opinion, my thoughts.  Look at what I made!  But sure as fuck don’t copy it or attempt to resell it. Fucker. See? She’s cuses a lot, that’s why we don’t invite her.

But, what the hell, why the hell, not?  I wonder how long I can keep up speek in text going?  I think perhaps until I…….

Whooooo! That was close. I almost blew my brains out. No, really peoples speech impediments are fine and all, but I’m, allergic, to them. It’s like hives, but oozy? Yeah, that bad. So, it’s best for both of us if I just quit.


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