I’ll live forever! I read a book on it.

Yep. I read the book. The website too. I’ve watched ALL the videos available anywhere. I’m going to live forever. But you aren’t. You didn’t do all this. You aren’t what I am.                 P-E-R-F-E-C-T. Hell yeah, I am, you aren’t. I know because I judge you. I see what you are.

You’ve got to quit eating everything. It’s going to kill you. You are going to DIE if you have that. I promise. I know so. Everything I’ve read says so. These people KNOW their stuff. They write about nutrition because they are dedicated to the truth! They don’t need a degree in science, they aren’t sheep that follow the lies of society! You’re being lied to. Know that’s a fact! Here’s a video on it. I know watching animals being slaughtered will cure you. You inhumane piece of garbage. I say that because your body odor is nasty from your lifestyle. How dare you offend my angelic existence with such filth!

But I know for a fact that grains will be the end of you. I know because I don’t eat them. Not because I need to, but because I’m better than you. Just know that. I can also bench your fat ass body weight. Why are you even at the gym? The gym is for fit people, not fatties. What the hell? Ruining my gym eye candy like that. I’m going to throw back a 35 oz protein shake, ‘cuz muscles. I’ll be right back, I’ve gotta go run 10 miles.

I know this cures cancer. It prevents it too. Cancer is the #1 thing. People are dying every day, like all the time. Bet they didn’t eat like me or workout, like, at all. Dumbasses. They are so stupid. Don’t they know? Oh My GAWD! Just do what I do already. I’m right! I read a book on it!



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