Just shut the f*ckup!

Oh my GOD! She’s talking again. Here she goes, another one of her rants, or soap boxes, or arguments about nothing. NO one was even arguing. But here she is, doing IT again.

Fuck, why can’t she see this? This mindless bullshit that she seems so skilled at pulling out of her ass. It’s never pretty, no one ever likes it. So, why? Why does it seem to make others angry though? That’s the real question. Is it the subject matter? Is it the hostility? Is it, shit… More likely than not it’s just that she does it every, single, damn, time. Is it EVER JUST a conversation? Inquiries of all sorts are off limits to this. Just being becomes an act of willful conflict.

Just shut the fuck up! You want to say. Just ONE time, that’d be nice. Give me a break from having to be polite, nice, kind. Can’t we just quit playing this game? Aren’t we adults now? When do we get to start acting like it? When was that time supposed to come when people quit playing these stupid games?

I’ve no idea. I only know that every time I look, that reflection just gets harsher and more vile. I find disgust in it even more. She becomes more my enemy, less capable of friend. That’s when I realize I’m tired of it. I’m done. I give up. I won’t do this anymore. I’m going to the other room. My thoughts no longer inhabit this space.




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