The other brother….An Introduction

Of sorts…  This is about the middle brother.  His story is one I’m feeling strongly that needs to be shared.  Why?  Because I want to tell it.  It feels better to express what is fiction that mirrors reality, and let this energy be.  But that’s a bit ‘out there’ sounding, let me try again…

He’s disenfranchised because he has enough, but not enough.  Under achiever extraordinaire, able to ignore viable opportunities handed to him with one glance.  A knack for disruption, that even motorcyclists with modified exhaust can’t beat!

How does he manage to do it?  I’ve no fucking idea.  That’s what this is about, the exploration of this character.  Who, What…You know, things you’d want to know about ‘another’ person.

Perhaps this will get deep.  Maybe he’s deep…

Or not.  That could be too.

Ah well, there you are, an introduction.  Of sorts.



This is dedicated to you, middle brother.  Cheers to the adventure we will take as we hike the hills of life and living.  For, in the end,we will both know our worth for it.



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