Fantod Tarot Pack


Just received my set and can say this was much anticipated!  I absolutely love the work of Edward Gorey, his art being featured on the wonderful PBS show Mystery!.  I was absolutely in love with the show simply for the intro, which eventually just became a love of most things PBS.  So, finding a tarot pack of his making, such a glory!

It’s quite humorous, dark but clever really.


FullSizeRender 3

While it’s not likely one I’ll be going to for divination, I do enjoy thumbing through it when bored, or looking for random inspiration.  Hoping it might serve in that purpose artistically, as I am such a fan of his.  Plus, I think of it as perhaps an insight into the man he was, which is always of great interest to me with people who create wonderful things.


Some of the interpretations of the cards, as you can see, it’s succinct, and has a darker meaning associated.

Would I recommend this pack?  Yes, for Gorey fan, Artist, a gift for a fan of divination through cards, or those who would have a connection to darker symbolism.



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