Caring for the self

What I need as medicine (in the Shamanic /  native peoples usage), can be very different than what many others need.  As I continue to journey through this life, I’m discovering just how unique my needs are.

Lately, spirit animals and totems have become very important to me.  This isn’t something I would have thought possible.  (Having one much less being able to relate to the experience of it).   The animals have been: Fly, Cockroach, Wasp.  As I allowed for the messages to be as they were, I embarked on my quest for knowledge and found a true treasure for my process that I now am, and will forever be, thankful to becoming aware of.  I even found a card set that encourages and supports this aspect of spiritual engagement.  The level of comfort I feel from this realization turning actualization, is one of great peace and completeness.

Another way I’ve come to find my best medicine: nature, plants specifically.  I’ve always been fond of plants and all that grows, gardening is a medicine I’ve had a long time.  Thank goodness!  Engaging with plants and mother earth, Gaia, pacha mama, in this manner has been of the utmost comfort through out my life.  Most recently, I discovered that my relationship with this would evolve.  I returned from my shamanic retreat, where our group instilled healing and cosmic awareness, 2 weeks ago.  Upon return,  I had a most interesting interaction with one of my favorite plants: cilantro.  It’s not just an herb I absolutely love eating, but growing lots of it has been a goal of mine for years now.  It’s finally happening, I’m proud to report!  I managed to drop seeds all over the place, some fell naturally on their own.  Now, I’ve got all kinds of patches of it growing around our house and in the ‘wild garden’ that was my 1st gardening attempt.


I had been having a very introspective day and felt that being outside, using all my senses other than site, would be very helpful.  As I wandered, I felt the messages of all that surrounded me in nature, coming through.  As I walked, I came upon one of these patches and decided to sit with it, while listening to avid bird calls all around me.  As I sat there, a deep emotional/ thought experience began to bubble up, and as I observed it and my surroundings without judgement or attachment, but mere observation, I noticed a distant feature that was new.  The perfumed essence of the coriander plant became very noticeable.  I’ve begun to realize the ‘suddenly’ noticeable quality of a natural ally, becoming obvious, is sign to me that it is connecting and communing with me.  As I care for the plants, so they care for me.  It was on the shamanic retreat, that I learned to thank the allies in my process and offer then praise for their beauty and qualities.  That was really an awesome lesson to come upon!  (So simple, yet so profound)

The further down my path that I venture, the more I come to that is truly helpful, healing and guiding.  I’m so profoundly thankful that I’m being shown various ways I can engage in my spiritual practice, that aren’t dictated by another, dogma, or alienating.  This practice, I share with all others.  For it is not the details of how we discover ourselves, it’s that we do it so that humanity can align and share what is available in our higher consciousness, together.



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