Spirituality lock box


A spiritual path, according to me. (Just in case you were wondering about this being my opinion and experience.)
The spiritual path is like walking a journey and finding keys along the way. Keys that are only a part of the combination, that when inserted into the lock, cracks the egg of consciousness open further and further, little by little.

How to find these keys?  Only way to do that is to journey your spiritual experience. Whatever that means to each person. No right or wrong. Some might struggle more because they do not understand they are incongruent with their truth, their actual.  Others struggle off and on through out their process, as it needs to be, for whatever reason.  It’s not that those who are more aware are better.  It’s that through our exchange with the world around us, we alchemize our reality/ experience into a work of art. Becoming the most proficient masters of our own creation.

Truth is universal, every human and being is allowed the experience of the higher self.

This might seem vague, but it’s maybe longer than it need be.


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