Eyes of Blue


Someone told me the other day that my eyes were really pretty. They looked sparkly and like a deep pool of water being reflected upon.

Wow! That was the best compliment I’ve ever gotten. I’ve always thought peoples eyes to be the possibly most attractive feature on another person. I know that the older people I know whose eyes sparkle, are always people I like and want to know better. I also want them to like me back.

When I sat and contemplated the compliment, not doubting it, or rebutting it, but exploring my experience with it, I found something I’d never realized before and thoroughly embraced right then.

Eyes are window

The time I’ve spent working on myself and my heart, has been a long road, with so many more miles to go.  But it’s a million percent worth the effort and struggle at times.  For the beauty of it all is worth more than life itself.  It’s something I feel and know, but there are times when doubt creeps in and wants to hack up any part of me that can acknowledge that.  That might accept it.  So, when I was again complimented on my eyes, by another person, a few weeks later, I immediately knew it was the signal I needed from the universe, source, my guardian angels, what have you, that I was doing right.  Right by me.  My eyes were the evidence to others to see physically what has been going on inside of me, alchemically as it were.  It’s little things like this that are us receiving the most valuable information from our highest selves.  This information can easily be dismissed or blown away as fluff, but if one takes the time to really allow for the experience and to embody it, we might just realize that the signs we’ve been looking for have been humming their songs to us this whole time, we just chose to pay attention to something else.  Sometimes, anything else.

It’s hard to be with ourselves all the time.  Today, I’m facing a challenge, well challenges of personal struggle of emotions that I wouldn’t ask for, but by being in it and fully experiencing all the nuance of it, I’m facing myself head on.  Not shying away, or denying, pretending I’ve got ‘more important things to do’.  I’ve had to hard correct the notion to myself that I’m not worth my time.  Time that I use to distract from the real deal of my living.  Time I use to deny I need to take it for myself.

Here I am, sparkly eyes and all, going through the muck of life.  Eyes shining, heart glowing, and covered in mud.  I decided I’m not afraid of me, or who I am, or what I need.  I’ll stand strong as the gale force winds approach, for just like a sapling tree, I get stronger the longer I stand firm in the face of adversity.




  1. Robert Mitchell · March 16, 2016

    Outstanding realizations! The next step is to get beyond polarities, metaphors and adjectives — muck, gale force winds, and so forth — and know with your whole being that everything that happens is good. All experience is better than not experiencing, of which there may be an eternity awaiting every mortal thing. Who knows? So let your shining eyes embrace all that is and find it good.

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