An animated series brings it up


Just finished watching the most recent episode of Bob’s Burgers.  I freakin’ love that show.  I love animation in general, but this one is consistently one of my favorites.  With all the wonder that is this gem of creativity, I was a bit surprised to see the topic of Spiritual Evolution and societal reaction  to it, in an episode.

Summary:  Bob needs help with an injury and goes to a Capoeira ‘guru’ and ends up evolving into a man that found peace in his being, which then insights a reaction from his best friend who doesn’t like that he’s changing routines and habits, ones he’d come to depend on for a sense of security.  The story continues on that Bob finds himself re-inspired about his job and returns to a routine he’d had before.  The guru doesn’t enjoy that, but the friend responds with favor.

So, seriously, how many of us have gone through this?

Watching that play out on an animated show, one that rarely uses it’s platform for political or societal statements, this one was very interesting for me.  It also was a bit hard to accept.  That when we evolve or change ourselves for the better, we can be met with people we’ve known previously, in our ‘original’ state, that object vocally about it.  I’ve had it happen numerous times.  Most of those people didn’t last for me.  The reaction isn’t always directly about me, but likely they complain or protest eventually in a passive agg way, and I get the picture.  (This isn’t sleuthing, but rather poorly disguised issues being brought up).

How to handle it?  Well, as I mentioned, I’ve had to let some of those people go.  Some were eventually realized to be bad company for me.  It wasn’t as much an effort to depart from their friendship as my values no longer aligned with them so we just didn’t see each other much already.  Others, no matter what I did, I couldn’t save them, and I wasn’t going to allow them to drag me down with them.  (Watching a beloved friend be the drug abuser that she complained about her mom being, kills me and breaks my heart.)  If she happens to read this:  I LOVE you girl!  I have to vent about this though, I love you, but we just aren’t/ can’t be, the friends we used to be.  I still think about you though, all the time.💜

Those I was able to keep around me, I’m learning through them too.  I’ve realized that if I want people to be better for themselves, I can’t give up on every one of them, which would be everyone eventually.  I have to be me so they have someone who puts a higher value on each of us.  I think each person on the planet to be an amazing being.  No matter what pain, anger, destruction… we are or cause, inside us is the universe of all that is.  Of all knowledge, patience, peace, grace, healing, loving… We are perfectly complete just as we are.  I want others to know that.  I’ve seen my place here as a light that helps guide travelers through the weary darkness of our paths.  I have my own struggles, worries, issues… I’m not perfect.  But all I’ve ever worked for, for over 15 years, was my spiritual evolution.  I demanded to know more, experience more, be more.  I knew life wasn’t what was dealt to me.  That all possibility lied along my path, awaiting my acknowledgment.  I have a choice for everything.  Nothing is happening to me.  But I had to thoughtfully contemplate how I might create more choices for myself.  It’s a fantastic challenge.  What I say to others, is first, a message to myself.  To remind myself, confirm to myself, reiterate.  That’s why there’s so many ‘self help gurus’ and authors.  it’s because we  all need to hear this, repeated and repeated.  We are all in different stages and places in our individual evolution.  Any of it that occurs, is monumental achievement.  But there’s still so much left to be had.  But we aren’t missing out on any of it that we haven’t yet witnessed ourselves.  This is all experiential only.  No one can give it to you.  So, that’s why I work on my process with all my dedication and share my light.  That I work to strengthen & foster it through visualizations and meditation.  So that I may share it with others as often as I’m able.  Namaste. 🌵

Much love, thank you for joining me on this ramble.  I’d love to hear feedback and what you might have experienced around this.  I think this is a wonderful discussion topic.

Also, it might seem a bit all over the place, but heck, isn’t ALL this a bit ‘all over the place’? 😉


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