Weeds… fun?

I’ve now realized I’m a big fan of allotment videos on Youtube. I love watching them, for a few hours sometimes. So relaxing and the culture is one I relate to easily.

So, why is it I see every one of them pulling weeds, every other episode? The soil is truly something to marvel at. The garden soil there is outstanding. Generally fluffy, grass everywhere, really a place to do gardening and participate in it. Seriously, I now know why this place adores gardening so much. Only second to their tea. [another mother…]

So, yes, absolutely why do they insist on pulling weeds, but before that, even affording them to grow?! They till the earth, something I haven’t seen done since the 90′s in the US. People in the tates revolutionized gardening, and now farming practices, so radically, that tilling the earth is now known to be destructive to the tender top layer of soil. It kills beneficial earth worms and bugs. Fungus chains can be broken, creating a weaker layer of growth. Growth that has amazingly been shown to let plants communicate to one another through electric signals. Science figured that shit out! Hell YEAH! GO SCIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (please use le gOogle if you would like to check my sources)

So, the weeds… I’ve no idea. They have the epitome of good soil, most everything grows well in it. Even freakin corn! I’m so jealous of the corn thing. They don’t have Monsten-franko living dead corn to contend with. Seriously?! Did you, the reader, know that if…. wait. Never mind. This isn’t that rant. Back to previously scheduled shit.

So, weeds…. Sexy soil it there is. Lushes plants growing in perfect unison and harmony. Yes, they contend with slugs and snails like N.B.B. [if you’re new, that’s, um… N.o B.odies B.usiness. But it’s yours now, so, there you go. Never say I never give you nuthin’] but yeah, that shit grows. And they have weeds.

Damn, it, I lost interest in what I was saying. Ok!

That’s All Folks!

p.s.  I only know many weeds that bother the most persnickety lawn aficionado, are quite delicious and are fabulously good for you.  Dine on friends, dine.



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