Modern Valentines is for the dogs…


The only 💙’s I need today… my dogs food.

Today, one of many holidays and celebrations that so many people participate in, that I find, well… detestable.  This tribute is to this day and everyone human being who has to deal with this bullshit of a day.

Now, let me get this straight:  I’m not saying celebrating LOVE is wrong, or detestable.  I’m saying this actual event or ‘holiday’ is complete crap.  It’s hyper inflated, obnoxious, self aggrandizing, alienating and utterly unrealistic.  Any day that puts people in a forced experience that isn’t authentic or real, that pushes upon the populations materialism and spending outrageous amounts of money on crap that no one needs or really wants, candy, stuffed animals, cut flowers that die…

Crap, ok, I’m trying really hard to make this come out better.  But it’s so hard.  Ok, so a happy thing:  I have lots of love in my life.  My husband is a wonderful person, who is incredibly interesting, intelligent, kind, loving, supportive beyond belief… He’s not perfect and I’m aware of his shortcomings, but I know who he really is, I support him eternally and he’s wonderful, did I say that already? (Wonderful because he knows who I really am, accepts me & our support of one another through all our ups and downs).  I can say this confidently as most who meet him, really enjoy his company.  He’s nice to be around.  This and much more is why we got married.  I proposed, in case you were wondering…

So, why do I hate this day?  Because of how fake it has become.  Because I embrace and am beginning to celebrate pagan holidays, I’m very aware of the origin of a lot of these events.  The origin has a much different focus than the variety of today.  A focus that’s much richer, sincere and full of wonder.  That’s not promoting a spend thrift attitude and materialistic pattern of behavior.  One that doesn’t profit from what you do or buy.  One that promotes closeness and bonding amongst the celebrants.  That reinforces  connection to nature.  That gives back to the amazing gift of life and experience that we’ve been given.  None of the modern version does any of this.

Just an hour on Twitter and you’ll see that disappointment in what has become a society norm across many countries, overtly.  So many people suffer on a day like today, because them being alone is the antithesis of the day.  Feeling more alone than you already were is the pressure being released of not having ‘that day’ to join in.  I remember when I was single, this day sucked.  I imagined that after i got married, it would no longer.  What I found out, the reality?  It can suck for anyone.  It doesn’t suck because my husband doesn’t do anything, or that he doesn’t try.  It sucks because he’s pressured to buy something expensive and pay for a meal that costs 3-4x the usual, for the same food.  If dinner becomes a possibility, the amount of ‘better than’ attitude around the restaurant is palpable.  Everyone, women mostly, scoping out the other tables to make sure no one else is having a better time.  (I’m guessing, We haven’t gone out on this actual day in a few years.  But I do remember when we did, all the ladies were sizing the other up, that sucked.)  Even those with someone can be disappointed because it doesn’t live up to any expectation. Even if we think we’re setting the bar low.  It’s just WAY too much pressure to be something, on a day we might not be up for it…

So, I’m here to say, stop with this insanity, take back your power, and lets find any other day of the year to express our love to one another.  Pick a random day, doesn’t have to be a significant other, but just a friend, and celebrate that off, random day of affection.  When prices are normal, people are just themselves and we can express ourselves without any demand from those profiting from our misery.


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