For the❤️ of comedy

HAHA, Ok, I’m trying to lie to myself that I can write ‘so seriously’ like a fucking paid writer. Pltthhhhh. Blah! That’s crap. This is NOT that, so…

I love the tragedy of comedy. It’s so soothing…. Awww shit, just lit my stub from the other day, hell yesterday, it’s getting ‘for real’ on this.

Yep, the tragedy of comedy. The part that makes people uncomfortable, squirm, feel bad when the actor is actually a funny person, but isn’t this time. I love it. It’s depressing in the truest sense. Each time I see a great tragedy of a comedian, I feel grounded, real. I also fear that actor might be revealing themselves and that we’ll lose them soon.

Since Robin Williams passed, I’ve been in a sort of whirlwind of thought around it. He was my actual hero as a child. There was something very real about him, he was strange and didn’t quite fit in. It was comforting. I appreciate his weird movies. I loved endlessly his best ones. But after I watched Toys, I began to worry. I became most worried after One Hour Photo, which is one of my favorite movies. It’s perfect in my eyes. It’s the right amount of depressing, strange, odd and an ending people don’t like. All with a well known comedian as lead role. Same with Punch-drunk Love and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. All the right amounts for me.

Tv shows have rarely hit this mark, but recently Baskets entered the field. Zack Galifianakis is wonderful. I really like him because I think he embodies the role of the strange characters and personas very well. I think this is because he’s also strange and weird. It’s not a leap. Watching that, I began to realize how much I loved Chris Farley. He was an amazing comedian as well. It seems the best shine bright and leave us too soon. My take on it, comedians are actually generally sensitive people who’ve decided to turn the tragedy of life into something people can relate to in a manner that relieves their fears. (Tried to put a list of some, then realized I wasn’t a comedian and I just sounded like a bigot and ignorant…. 😑). So, we all can relate to the tragedy of comedians.

Oh shit, ok, I’m exhausted, it’s been a long day. I’ve written 3 posts today, my brain is done dumping. (I swear sometime I’m turning off spell check, if we could just read the chaos that is our lazy typing).


Sources: What? I have to have sources?!


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