You will be saved by your coffee mug

I came across a religious film, all about Jesus.  It wasn’t good.  in fact, it was actually bad.  I wrote a review of it to the tome of  those who love and consume ‘all things Jesus’ would be the people who enjoy it.  I wasn’t kidding.  Granted, I probably could have said it ‘nicer’, but to be honest I wasn’t being mean, just irritated.  Why are those who claim to be so devout, fall so easily for such garbage?  god forbid I point out that fact.  That the everything themed religious crap being sold, isn’t actually religion? Even movies and shows.  But gluttony disguised as deep faith.  I’m not meaning items that have been sacred to the multitude of faiths for centuries.  Rosaries, crosses on walls, candles, altars…  These have been used by all varities of faiths to offer an object of solace during a troubled time or to help focus for prayer.  I’ve personally experienced the power of these images and symbols in my own times of need.  Being able to have a clear vision of your support deity, can be a life saver in a dark hour.  But what about all that other crap?

The t-shirt, the towel, coffee mugs, the plaque to add the 50 others on the wall.  These aren’t being prayed to, these are not being revered in a solemn way.  They have become simply an extroverted display of how good someone is.  because I have ‘these items’, I’m doing good.  I’m helping.  I’m following the dogma.  Being sold into a materialistic culture through religious imagery.  People fall for it so easily.  They want to spend money on something, anything.  Religious crap they don’t really want or need becomes an easy option.  Just more material possession that will consume our lives, one object at a time.

Why is this so irritating to me?  because people choose to do this, instead of helping, volunteering, offering patience to those who do not share their specific faith.  Instead, offering opposition to the help needed by those struggling the most.  What has organized religion become?  Just another money hungry monster that will devour our souls.  Well, not mine, I hope. As I purge and purge and go through the shitty process of my own salvation of removal of all that consumes space and offers no actual benefit or service, so that I may find salvation, I dare say.  I’ve done this not only of my material possessions, but also beliefs that were given to me, that I’ve since realized were destructive and harming, and at the very least, limiting to my utmost potential in life.

This behavior isn’t limited to habits and behaviors of the congregation, it’s also been perpetuated by churches.  The very building of worship has become a monstrosity of dis-grace.  Where’s the grace in the hundreds of thousands, if not millions, spent on the building of worship?  How can any person attending that place actually feel peace in their heart when that money would have offered help and assistance to so many more.  Since when did god or Jesus ask for mansions of worship?  They never did.  Bible stories even go over it all, knocking down these places.  So, why is it ok today?  it’s not, it’s just been community accepted.  The small, tiny churches don’t look as ‘pretty’ and people feel the appearance of their church reflects their religion.  Ok, fine I can agree, if it’s more shallow than deep, more ignorance than truth, and in complete denial of that actual situation, then we can agree on that.  Churches today are simply money making  businesses.  Nothing has escaped the money hungry culture the west has endorsed, everything, including a non-profit, makes money, but in ways that give the notion of a slight of hand type of exchange.  Helping others only comes as side task done after the cuts have been dispersed.  Everyones time is worth money, not effort or grace, love or compassion.  Each person who engages in this cycle, endorses their own position as a commodity, rather than a human being who has so much more to give.  As long as they attend the retreat, or go to another country every 10 years to help, they are doing good.  Despite that statistically they’d offer more within 10 miles of their own home, on a regular basis, they do not because they ‘go to church’ often and hang out with others like them.  That’s enough, oh and they have a ‘I 💜 Jesus’coffee mug.

I do not say any of this in an effort to insult.  But, rather, to open the eyes of the masses. I love actual religion.  It’s beautiful, warm, glowing and the most healing practice humans can participate in, in any form.  Pagan, Occult, Buddhism, Hinduism, and what could be more in the Abrahamic beliefs.  I want people to return to what religion really is, connection to all that is, every person, animal, plant, tree…  god isn’t something else, it’s us.  Each of us is the creator, we are all one.  We forget this as the buying ensues, the items are placed, and our lives are crowded with the delusion that these things will be there for us in our darkest hour of need.


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